For those who do not have daily bowel movements, symptoms like abdominal pain, reflux, heartburn, eczema, dermatitis, headaches, neck and lower back pain and bloating can become a constant companion.

What are normal bowel habits? Some think going to the toilet once a week is normal, others say each 2 to 3 days is normal. The answer is you should be going to the toilet at least once preferably twice a day.

When constipated, motions are often described to be dry. The dry hard bowel motions can be an early warning sign of Arthritis. Or your bowel motions can be sticky. This type of motion is a pre-warning to severe toxic build up in the body which can be an early warning sign of degenerative diseases like diabetes.

When constipation is severe it can affect all the major organs. Some causes of constipation include intestinal parasites, Candida albicans, lack of exercise, stress, low fluid intake, low fibre intake and food allergies. With some people the very fibre consumed may actually be a cause of constipation. This seems contradictory as fibre is considered to be the important factor to help relieve constipation. But it is very real; the wrong fibre can cause huge problems

Here are 7 benefits you will experience by alleviating your constipation naturally:

  • Regular bowel motions 
  • No more bloating 
  • No more flatulence or wind 
  • No more indigestion 
  • No more abdominal pain 
  • Hemorrhoids start to heal 
  • Revitalised

    How can TCM Help?
    Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a number of treatments which may help promote regular bowel movements. 

    Chinese Medicine Practitioners identify three types of constipation which are caused by:
    1. Reduction in the flow of Qi,
    2. an excess of cold in the body
    3. an excess of warmth.

    A different form of treatment will be required by each type of constipation.

    In all cases, using acupuncture helps by stimulating the meridians through which Qi flows which causes a softening of stools. This is particularly helpful with the reduction of Qi flow and with heat constipation. With cold constipation, use of Chinese herbs may be more effective.

    "Eight weeks of electroacupuncture increases complete spontaneous bowel movements and is safe for the treatment of chronic severe functional constipation. Additional study is warranted to evaluate a longer-term treatment and follow-up."

    - Acupuncture for Chronic Severe Functional Constipation: A Randomized Trial, by Z Liu, S Yan, L He, N Li, G Doug, J Fang, W Fu, L Fu, J Sun, L Wang, S Wang, J Yang, H Zhang, J Zhang, W Zhou, Z Zhou, Y Ai, K Zhou, J Liu, Y Cai, and B Liu. Read more here.

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