People can be placed into one of two categories based on their personality and how they display stress and anxiety.

The first is the explosive personality and the second a more withdrawn, anxious person.

Stress in today's lifestyle can be an almost daily occurrence for some people. You can go to bed stressed and wake up stressed whether it is from personal relationships, working conditions or lack of work. Stress can be placed upon you from others, or pressures you place on yourself, or just the everyday stresses of living in our modern society.

Stress is made worse by a poor diet with a high intake of refined sugars, a lack of exercise and insomnia.

How Can TCM help?
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine may help relieve anxiety, stress, depression, sleep difficulties, and trauma. Acupuncture in particular is also widely used in addiction recovery.

Physical health and mental health mutually affect each other. A core principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that the body and mind are inseparable, and treatment is aimed at balancing the whole system.

Emotional stress takes a toll on the body's organs, resulting imbalances can bring about physical or emotional symptoms. TCM directly work on the organ systems to balance hypo or hyper arousal states, and thereby help restore equilibrium.

It is widely known that the type of diet we have and the amount of exercise affects our moods. Beyond this, Chinese medicine helps improve your overall health by recognising and addressing your physical or emotional imbalances. The more you are in balance, the better resourced you are to manage whatever your predisposition may be. Chinese medicine also effectively treats specific psycho-emotional symptoms.

Acupuncture is comparatively safe in together with drug therapy and psychotherapy. Acupuncture helps integrate the therapeutic components of psychotherapy by helping to regulate the emotional brain.

Here are 7 benefits you will experience by becoming anxiety free naturally
~ Relieves anxiety
~ Less irritability
~ No more mood swings
~ Life takes on a better meaning 
~ You can cope with stress better 
~ Feeling of wellness returns 
~ Revitalised

    "TCM is consummately holistic. The mind, body, and spirit are inextricably linked. There are many advantages to viewing psychiatric or emotional disorders through this lens of holism rather than using a more-reductionist approach. Whether premised upon classical concepts of Yin and Yang and Qi or on modern ideas of autonomic modulation, TCM-based therapies do provide relief for patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep disorders, and many other conditions that plague the human mind and spirit. Depending on the clinical circumstances, these methodologies may be appropriate as stand-alone therapies or as adjuncts to Western medicine approaches."

    - Medical Acupuncture (2013). Read more here.

    Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Would you like to live a happier anxiety free life? 
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