A strong immune system is a great benefit to one's body. Maintaining a strong immune system in today's world is not easy. Daily exposure to environmental pollutants, an increase in the emotional stresses of modern life, processed foods, and new virus mutations are all a daily challenge to our immune system.

From protecting against bacteria and viruses to enduring and surviving serious diseases, a healthy immune system can significantly impact quality of life issues. There are many different ways to promote strong immunity to illness and disease, including healthy diet, exercise, and alternative treatments like acupressure.

Signs of low immunity include
1. Chronic infections
2. Colds
3. Respiratory problems
4. Candida (thrush)
5. Chronic fatigue
6. Chronic allergies

How can TCM Help?
Chinese Medicine practitioners have been treating immune system disorders for thousands of years. Effective treatments include natural herbs, dietary therapy, acupuncture, and Tai Chi because they focus on strengthening the immune system and stimulating the body's natural defence mechanisms.

Acupuncture is a good method used for regulating the immune system and treating the fundamental cause of the disease. Many in China incorporate acupuncture in everyday life as a means of maintaining good health - they acknowledge how energetic they feel after a treatment.

More and more people are using regular acupuncture treatments to relieve the symptoms of basic conditions such as allergies, colds, or infections.

Natural healing foods and herbal medicine help to support your immune system, strengthening and enhancing its activity. Giving your body natural remedies at the first sign of infection greatly improves your chances of overcoming illness before it takes a serious hold.

"In patients with allergic asthma, additional acupuncture treatment to routine care was associated with increased disease-specific and health-related quality of life compared to treatment with routine care alone."

- Acupuncture in Patients with Allergic Asthma: A Randomized Pragmatic Trial, by B Brinkhaus, S Roll, S Jena, K Icke, D Adam, S Binting, F Lotz, SN Willich and CM Witt. Read more here.

If you're suffering from immune deficiency, allergic reactions and auto-immune disease Dr Li's TCM Clinic may help you. Call us now for your first consultation

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