Message therapy is one of the key modalities of Traditional Chinese medicine. In combination with acupuncture or Chinese herbs effective results can be gained for many health conditions.

Tui Na (Chinese Massage) and Remedial Massage are services offered in Dr Li's TCM Clinics. Depending on your condition, an individualized treatment plan involving either of these therapies may be prescribed.

Remedial Massage

What is Remedial Message?
Remedial Massage is a technique which uses manual manipulation of soft tissues in the body which brings therapeutic benefits to the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. It encourages the flow of body fluids, breaks up adhesion and diminishes tension.

It can also benefit those who through injury, illness or age are inactive. Massage has both physiological and psychological advantages.

Almost anyone can be treated, whether for the relief of pain or distress symptoms or just to have the relaxing feeling that massage produces. Because you feel better after a massage, you may find fresh new energy and motivation for doing physical activity.

What are the benefits of Remedial Massage?
The benefits of massage are cumulative and are enhanced by receiving it on a regular basis. Some benefits of regular massage include:

  • relieve your aching back
  • relax muscular tension 
  • ease sore muscles and joints
  • improve circulation to help injuries heal 
  • reduce headache pain
  • alleviate emotional stress 
  • lower your blood pressure 
  • slow your heart rate 
  • help with insomnia 
  • decrease depression and anxiety
  • boost your immune system
  • stimulate endorphin production to reduce pain and to engender a general sense of well being.

Regular sessions of bodywork contribute significantly to health and quality of life for everyone, especially for people dealing with difficult transitions, depression, grief, trauma, and most of the physiological and emotional challenges we all face from time to time.

Some of Dr Li's TCM Clinic's Massage Packages: 

Quick Tension Relief
: 20 mins or 30 mins
This massage will focus on your neck and shoulder area. Giving you relief from a stiff neck and general tension.

Back Pain
: 30 mins or 45 mins
Eliminate your back and hip pain while relaxing your mind in our comfortable environment.

Total Body Bliss:
 60 mins, 90 mins or 120 mins
From head to toe, a totally relaxing experience. Walk away feeling refreshed both physically and psychologically.

Aromatherapy Massage
: 45 mins, 60 mins or 90 mins
Essential oils are specifically blended to aid your individual condition. Benefits of aroma therapy can be physical, mental and spiritual.

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