Massage therapy is one of the key modalities of Traditional Chinese medicine. In combination with acupuncture or Chinese herbs effective results can be gained for many health conditions.

Tui Na (Chinese Massage) and Remedial Massage are services offered in Dr Li's TCM Clinics. Depending on your condition, an individualized treatment plan involving either of these therapies may be prescribed.

Tui Na - Chinese Massage

What is Tui Na?

Tui Na (pronounced 'twee na') massage is an ancient modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been practiced in China for over 4,000 years. The term Tui Na comes from "Tui" meaning "push" and "Na" meaning "Grasp".

It is used to treat conditions that in western medicine ordinarily would require a physiotherapist, chiropractor and an osteopath.

How does Tui Na work?
TCM views disease as an imbalance in the flow of Qi (pronounced Chi, meaning vital energy). When your Qi flow is balanced you feel energetic which affects your emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical well being.

As a form of massage, Tui Na uses various different hand movements from pressing, to rubbing, to rolling, shaking, and so on. However, it works on at a deeper level, affecting the flow of Qi in the body.

Qi flows through Meridians which are channels in the body. These channels supply Qi energy to the organs, body tissues and mind. Tui Na applies pressure to the Meridians and specific points to bring balance to the flow of Qi through the body.

It is very important to understand the difference in this type of massage from any other style. The information received during the consultation process is vital for the practitioner to determine syndrome differentiation.

We do not necessarily treat the head for a headache or the back if there is a backache. A person feels pain due to the disharmony in the body and the TCM diagnostic process will uncover where to apply the treatment.

Feedback received from the patient during massage guides the therapist towards the points to treat and the amount of pressure to apply.

What does Tui Na feel like?
Generally, you will be fully clothed but sometimes the treatment needs to be carried out on the skin using some light massage oil.

You will either be lying on a massage table or seated on a chair. The position you will take during treatment really depends on the area of your body where the therapy needs to be carried out.

After Tui Na treatment, most people feel energised, happy and lively. However blocked emotional energy may have been released. In this case you may feel emotional afterwards.

How many treatments will I need?
Treatment plans are based on each patient's individual needs, depth and duration of disease. Our experienced practitioners will give you a prognosis and treatment plan at your first visit. Our goal is to help you feel better as soon as possible.

Is it safe?
Tui Na is regarded as a very safe therapy. People of all ages can experience Tui Na massage including babies and pregnant women.

It can be a very relaxing experience and anyone who is in pain and has not been able to get any relief from other methods such as physiotherapy or chiropractic for example may find that Tui Na relieves the pain in a quick and effective way. 

What are the common conditions Tui Na is used for?
Tui Na helps to treat many disorders from soft tissue injuries to many other conditions such as: 

  • stiff neck and swelling of shoulders 
  • frozen shoulder 
  • sore back 
  • sciatica 
  • aching muscles 
  • diarrhoea 
  • constipation 
  • low energy 
  • symptoms caused by stress or emotional problems like insomnia, difficulty focusing, headache, tensions headaches

    What are the benefits to Tui Na?
    With the Qi flowing freely in a balanced state, overall health can be more effectively maintained, creating a feeling of vitality. The muscles are relaxed and chronic pain is relieved. The nervous system changes into a very relaxed position, which promotes self-healing and creates a sense of emotional well-being.

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