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What is TCM? 

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Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system of medicine developed in China that has a different history and approach than Western medicine. Rather than treating disease, a Chinese medicine practitioner treats patterns of disharmony (or symptom clusters) in a patient.

Underlying Theories and Concepts of Chinese TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic health system which uses and combines the use of acupuncture, specialised massage, herbal medicine, nutrition, movement exercises and other ways to bring the body into balance, restore and maintain your well being. As a complete medical system, TCM has been practiced for more than five thousand years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine works by restoring and maintaining balance and harmony in your body. Everything in your body is interconnected: mind, body, spirit all have a flow on affect to each other.

What Does TCM Focus On?

Chinese Medicine aims to balance the yin (water and earth) and yang (fire and air) of the body's life force (Chi or Qi); and is a highly evolved medicine in that it approaches healthcare on the foundation of the meridian system (energy channels of the body). Chinese medicine places an emphasis on the body's elements, and their interrelation with the body's individual systems.

Chinese medicine views the body a composed of four basic elements: 

  • Blood

  • Qi  (pronounced Chi meaning vital energy)

  • Yin

  • Yang

Everything the body needs to repair and grow is in the blood: vitamins, amino acids, minerals, neurotransmitters, co-factors, precursors, immune cells, botanic fortifiers. All of these are contained in the blood, arteries, arterioles and capillaries. In addition to observing a patient's face, our holistic health practitioners perform a pulse diagnosis (palpation of the radial artery pulse), body palpation, and other unique non-invasive diagnostic measures.

Once we have formulated our observations and come to a conclusive treatment method, some of the many holistic medicines that we might offer include Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, holistic nutrition advice, moxibustion, cupping, Tui Na (Chinese medical massage), among others.

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