Valentine's Day Promotion

The Promotion:

Receive 50% off your next massage or consultation booking!
Available to those who receive a gift card before 14 February 2019 and display it at Dr. Li’s TCM Clinic before 14 August 2019.

Terms and conditions apply. See more details here.

How to take advantage of this great offer:

1. Log into your Dr. Li's TCM Clinic Account online by clicking on your preferred clinic:

  1. Lane Cove
  2. Macquarie
  3. Rhodes

2. Once you have logged in, enter the “Online Store” using the menu on the top right.

3. Now, select the “Gift Cards” section of the store from the top right.

4. Here you can select which gift card you would like to purchase: remember that you can only receive 50% off a massage or consultation that is identical to the booking on the gift card.

5. Once you have purchased your gift card before 14 February 2019, when you come in for your appointment before 14 August 2019, simply show us the gift card and we will set you up for a follow-up appointment at half price!

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