Our Team


  • Received her B.S from Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Graduated from Shanxi College of TCM with a Medical Degree (MD)

  • Achieved her Ph.D from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

  • She was trained in both Western and Chinese medicine in China, and was an Associate Professor at Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Clinical Experience:

  • After she practiced and taught at the medical school in China for nine years, Dr. Lily Li came to Sydney in 1999 as a visiting scholar and to help an Australian company to conduct research on Hepatitis C.  

  • She has over 20 years clinical experience in China and Australia.

  • Dr. Li also lectures in TCM at the Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of Sydney.


  • Achieved a Bachelor Degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Continued education with the Certificate in Treating Children with Oriental Medicine and completed the Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Science

Clinical Experience: 

Has over 20 years of clinical experience as a TCM Doctor

Serena has a particular interest in working with patients about:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Constipation, diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome

  • Premenstrual syndrome and painful menstruation

  • Disorders associated with menopause

  • Quit smoking

  • Weight loss

  • Muscle aches

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