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A nutritious diet, a healthy weight, avoiding smoking and alcohol, and attention to other preventive factors, are all ways that you can increase your chance of having a baby. But sometimes this isn’t enough. Having healthy sperm is one of the important factors in getting pregnant. Unfortunately, sperm can be sensitive to physical stresses from things like medications, heat, and even having a high fever. But scientists think that antioxidants and other nutrients may be able to help protect sperm from damage, and keep them healthy and on the move.  

So, researchers at NICM, Australia’s leader in integrative medicine research and policy development at Western Sydney University, are looking for men to volunteer for a clinical study which will test the effects of a nutritional supplement on sperm health. If you have been told that your sperm health could be better, you might be eligible for this study. You do not need to be actively trying to conceive to volunteer for the study. The estimated time commitment is three hours over six months, and travel reimbursements of up to $100 a visit are available.  

What is involved in the study? Well, you will be randomly allocated to take either the nutritional supplement or a placebo for 26 weeks. You will be asked to provide three semen samples for analysis over the six months, and to have two blood tests. And of course, you will be playing a vital role in helping scientists figure out how to protect sperm from damage. 

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